Monday, November 12, 2007

Catch Up

On October 22nd-28th Pav's parents came to visit us, after their trip to England. We had a great time! We mostly stayed around the house and visited. One day we took a trip over to Joyce Kilmer National Forest. This time of year is beautiful in the mountains. The leaves are all changing color and beginning to fall. It's a two mile hike through the park, and Sawyer slept the whole way. Pav and his dad took turns carrying him. Ever Joy did pretty good, but got tired near the end.

Pav and I reminisced about last year when we went with Staci over to the park. I'm not sure if I knew that I was pregnant with Sawyer, but would have found out right around that time.

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stacitempleton said...

oh my goodness.....adorable! I can't wait to see you guys! So cute I just want to hug and squeeze them! I can't belive it is only 3 weeks before I see you guys!