Sunday, January 4, 2015

Playing Catch Up

Over a year.  That's how long it has been since I last posted anything.  There is no way to play catch up in one post, so I'll start with some closure.  Here are a few interior pictures of our last tiny house.  It sat unfinished for about a year, but recently was completed.
     This home was lived in briefly, but is now for sale.


Monday, October 7, 2013

2013 School Year

The 2013 school year at the Templeton's is in full swing.  It has been for awhile, but I'm just now finding time to sit down and post these pictures.
These were taken at Classical Conversations this year.  I've got all five kids enrolled...yep, even the littlest.



Thursday, September 19, 2013

Summer Recap

 It's mid September and the weather, although warm during the day, has begun to cool off.  As much as I love this new season of cooler weather, bonfires and hiking I will miss these summer days.  Bare legs, sticky popsicle hands, bathing suits hanging on the line, sun kissed cheeks, picnics for dinner, and no where we have to be.




Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Castle Party

 In the past two weeks we not only celebrated my father's 60th birthday, but we also had a party for both of the girls.  Ever Joy turned eight and Zoe turned four.
 The girls really wanted a princess themed party, but with three brothers they agreed to call it a castle party and wear their princess attire.  Their brothers also got the chance to wear their costumes (knight, horse, and dragon)

Of course, we had a huge medieval feast with almost all the trimmings (no roasted pig).  We roasted a pork tenderloin...does that count? 

 Our castle party included archery, jousting (with striped pool noodles), and a fun game called Pass the Parcel.  This year was the first I had heard of it, and we loved it!  Pinatas can get a bit crazy, and with all the cake and ice cream, handfuls of candy just didn't seem in order.  Pass the Parcel is a game from England where you simply pass around a wrapped package while the music is playing.  When the music stops the person holding the package unwraps it.  The things is its wrapped a lot of times.  I wrapped ours eighteen times...I tucked stickers between the layers just to keep it fun.  The kids seemed to really enjoy it, and it gave my mom and I time to get the food on the table... 

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Tiny House Update #2

 We have had two busy weeks here on Owl Creek, but I will start with a post about how this little gem is taking shape.  Last time I posted the house was dried in and ready for siding. 
Since then the guys have put on a galvanized tin roof, installed wood windows, and sided it with pine tongue and groove.
With the exterior taking shape the guys tackled the hardest part...insulation.  It's probably not the hardest part, just the least fun.
They worked long hours and within two weeks were also able to get the interior dry walled, painted and a white washed tongue and groove ceiling installed.  The white wash will keep the pine from turning a  "pumpkin" color and keep the interior light/bright.
The final details of the interior will be a little more slow going, but it won't be long until move in day!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Tiny House Update

 Last Wednesday, almost a week ago, we saw enough sun to be able to start the tiny home.  We have seen a lot of rain here in North Carolina this summer, but fortunately this past week there was enough sunshine to get this project going.

As far as construction, the first thing was to get the floor joists down.  You can see the shower there on the right side of the picture.  At the speed that this type of home construction goes it is important to have your material available in advance or you will be stuck waiting.

Day one ended with the entire floor system built, plumbing for bathroom and kitchen installed, and decking put down.

By the weekend all four walls and rafters were in place and the tiny home was taking shape.  This is how things look as of today.  Now it's time to put on the roof and install the windows.  More pictures to come!


Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Well...after lots of talking, looking, researching, discussing and planning: it's time!
A new tiny house adventure begins today.
We still have a few design (exterior color, interior flooring) kinks to work out with the owner, but the trailer is ready and framing material has been ordered.
 The crazy part is by next week this tiny house will probably have a roof.
I will keep you all up to date as we go...