Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Today was Ever Joy's first day at Classical Conversations. She loved it! I took these pictures when we got home from school. The one above shows her with her hand over her heart, I think it's because she learned to pledge allegiance to the flag.
Zoe and Sawyer stayed in a nursery while I sat in on Ever Joy's class. I felt like it was my first day of school too, I was even nervous. It ended up being really fun. Ever Joy spent the rest of the day talking about the girls in her class. This evening she called my mom and told her she learned about "evil periods and Charlotte." I think she was referring to her history fact about the medieval period and Charlemagne.


susansspace said...

Hi, Ever Joy! I'll bet the first day of school was exciting! You look so pretty!
(Charlemagne on the first day?...sounds like an interesting year, for sure!) S: )

Laura said...

oh, man that pic of her w/ her hand her heart is awesome. love it!