Monday, November 22, 2010


My sister in law, Laura, challenged others to post this week on things we are thankful for.

Honestly, I've had a rough Monday... most of my Mondays start with playing catch up after the weekend, but today was especially hard. I haven't felt good and I had a couple of relationship mishaps. I usually don't use my blog to disclose the rough parts of life, but things on Owl Creek aren't always as the blog may suggest. (smiling children, finished projects, fun outings...)

Well, as my day comes to a close no matter how challenging it was to get through, I'm still thankful for so many things.

Here my list begins: I'm am so very thankful for my husband. Who loves me well. Prays for me and has much wisdom for his years.

My children are a delight. Today they put underwear on their heads, socks on their hands, and insisted they were foxes. I love their imaginations and to see them playing together.

I will start my week of thankfulness with those I hold dear.

Thank you Lord Jesus for the amazing gift of family!

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