Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Mini Me

Pav has been busy working on building himself a workshop/shed. So far he has finished the block work and put down the floor system. He is pretty excited to have a place to store his tools and work on projects. I'm excited to be able to use my back porch for having a barbecue or sitting in the shade, instead of using it to store our bikes and tools.
All the kids have been outside today "helping" him work. The two older kids mostly played in the sand that was left over from the block work.
She looks so much like her dad!
Zoe didn't like it when the air compressor came on for Pav's nail gun.
After it went off she put her smile right back on and kept playing. Here she is saying "look, look". Her new word. We hear it about a hundred times a day. Usually she says it until you look her way and then she finds something to point at. Sometimes she says "look, look" to tattle on her older brother and sister. Like when they are climbing on top of the piano.

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