Thursday, April 21, 2011

Our Graduate

This past Tuesday evening Ever Joy had her final presentation at Classical Conversations and will now be on break until the Fall.  I will continue with her phonics and reading this summer, but we will take a break from the CC curriculum.  Overall we had a wonderful year.  I'm amazed at what she learned this year and I'm so happy we took the homeschool route.  We will definitely be doing Classical Conversations again next year.  Though the classic approach is not for everyone our family has really benefited from using the classic style.  It gave me the structure and organization that I lack, but also allowed plenty of room for creativity.  Ever Joy was able to make many new friends this year with our weekly CC gathering.  She also learned classroom skills and was able to take part in science and art projects that I wouldn't have been able to do here at home.  If you are thinking about homeschooling take a look at Classical Conversations.  If you  have any questions feel free to ask me.
Our Graduate.  I took this picture on her first day of school.  She was just learning how to say the pledge of allegiance if you are wondering about her pose.

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