Friday, April 1, 2011

Week's End

Our family is headed into a busy weekend.  We are going to a couple's house tonight that Pav and I have only ever spoken to on the phone.  It's like a blind date.  Not like internet dating, cause we didn't give them our profile.  So maybe not like a modern blind date, but that same feeling of nervousness you get...  Anyways, we were introduced because of our interest in sailing, and this couple have experience.  So we are going to their home to hear their story and share our ideas, and...we'll see.

34. Fellowship this side of heaven

So I've been  reading One Thousand Gifts and reading Ann Voskamp's blog...I could fill this page with quotes that have touched my heart, but I decided to just highlight my book.  I do want to mention an idea on her blog about a "sorry box" or "repentance box". She made a sealed box for her family to put written or drawn notes of repentance.  Then at Easter they will throw it away symbolizing Christ casting away our sin.  I'm not sure if my babies are old enough but I might try it during this season of reflection.

35. Daily mercies

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