Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Mystic Seaport

This past week Pav and I took a vacation to celebrate our 10th anniversary and Pav's 35th birthday.  We traveled to Mystic, Connecticut to attend the annual wooden boat show.  We spent two days looking at all kinds of wooden boats and the historical village and museums along the seaport.

  We were able to board a couple of ships that were built in the late 1800's including a huge whaling ship that is being restored along the harbor.  This picture was taken inside of the schooner from the first picture.  The little cubby holes in the background were the fishermen's bunks.

Here is an amazing miniature of historic Mystic.  While you walk around the display there is a recording of different characters telling stories about the history of Mystic, while it played the lights went out and little lights came on inside of the houses.

All along the water's edge were these buildings that depicted life during the late 1800's.  We were able to visit a general store, a candlemaker, pharmacist, printmaker, cooper, blacksmith, and woodcarver.  We also got to tour a section of an original rope making factory.  I say section because it was only a quarter of the original 1,500 foot long building.  Though the wooden boat show was our main reason for our trip to Mystic, I would definitely recommend going to see the historic seaport anytime during the summer.  We will definitely plan a return trip when our kids get a bit older, maybe next time we'll travel by boat.

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