Monday, July 11, 2011

This Past Weekend

This past Saturday I took Ever Joy to the Flea Market to sell some of our stuff.  She was great company from 7:30am until noon when the rest of my crew showed up with our lunch.  I was able to sell lots of our junk and Ever Joy kept herself occupied playing with some items I am selling for a neighbor.  She was also very helpful with trying to make sales.  I would hear her repeat prices and comments that she had heard me tell other people who had inquired about an item.  I'm trying to think of something that she can start making and selling down at the flea market, she seems to be business savvy like me and her papa.

We spent Sunday evening down at the Lake swimming and cooling off.  It has been very hot here in North Carolina this summer and we have been taking advantage of the Lake being so close.


Lauren Baugus said...

The lake pictures are SO sweet!

k. templeton said...

Thanks, Lauren. Maybe we can take all our kids down to the lake someday :) Of course, we are going to be seriously outnumbered here soon!