Friday, October 7, 2011

Week Wrap Up

Another home school week is coming to a close, and I thought I would post a few sites that have had some great printables or other ideas I found helpful.
 First, I found this great skip counting "pod" here.  It doesn't go all the way to 12, but you can write the extra two numbers in on the bottom.  If you are using Classical Conversations I suggest writing the name of the tune, each set is sung to, on the back of the card.  This has been a great little item that I can hand Ever Joy while we are riding in the car.
Next I found these two printables.  The first set of state stamp coloring pages I found here.  I have been printing them off on cardstock each week.  In Classical Conversations Ever Joy is learning five new states a week.  On the back I print a small map of the US and color in the location of the state and label the capital.  Classbrain has lots of other information about each state if you need it.

The other coloring pages will come in handy for next week when we take a look at the Lewis and Clark expedition.  I found those coloring sheets here along with lots of other ideas for a lapbook on the subject. 

I have been keeping a board with ideas I collect from other CC moms or things I come across while on Pinterest here.  

With our home school day over my kiddos are outside enjoying the cooler weather. 
 I was reminded of when my brother and I would make a fort outside and have a pretend fire and cooking pots.  One house we lived in we had two, hundred year old pine trees we would create this exact scene under.
Yes!  That is a jaw bone Sawyer found recently.  He tells everyone it is a dinosaur bone.

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