Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween in Murphy, NC

Here are a few pictures of the kids costumes.  We probably should have taken their picture at home.  Once they saw the other kids getting candy they were near impossible to keep standing still long enough for a shot of them.  Zoe has her peacock tutu on,  Sawyer is a Ninja Turtle, and Ever Joy is Cinderella.  Sawyer did not feel comfortable wearing his mask, I don't think he could see very well, so he got his face painted green.
Ever Joy just likes to pick a costume where she gets to wear lipstick.
Zoe had to be bribed with a jelly bean to put on her tutu.  Forget a mask.  This was the first year she was big enough to walk down the street.  She stopped to look at everyone's costumes.  At one lady's home when she was given her candy she said "one hundred."  She may have been accurate on how many pieces of candy she came home with.  Good times!

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