Thursday, January 26, 2012

Swim Lessons

 Recognize this kid?  yeah, it's hard to tell all the kids apart with those goggles and swim caps.  Ever Joy and Sawyer are taking swim lessons this year and having a great time.  With just four classes Ever Joy is advancing quick.  She still needs to build up her strength, but I am so happy with her confidence in the water.   
Sawyer is having fun learning how to kick and get his face wet.  All our kids are nervous about the pool.  We never go there, and Pav and I are always in the water with them when we go to the lake.  Sawyer is getting more comfortable each lesson.  Aren't those goggles hilarious? 

Zoe has even found her way into the shallow end where she practices her kicking and blowing bubbles.  My hope is to have the kids jumping into the water, off the side of our catamaran this summer.  You gotta dream big. 

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