Monday, March 5, 2012

Been A Little Busy

     Things here have been a little crazy. Everything from Social Service home visits to tornadoes. It would be hard to play catch up. Let's just say our family and neighbors are safe and sound. The Lord blessed us with the opportunity to help with tornado cleanup and construction. If you want to see Pav on the news go here and look for the Murphy Tornado Aftermath: The Clean-Up.
     We are almost through with the home study process. Just a few more loose ends and we will be ready to do foster care. Those of you who know us, know that our desire is to adopt. Foster care or Respite will be necessary in a situation we are entering. I'm not able to use this blog as my personal journal but I will say the Lord is working on our hearts, giving us faith, and giving us His love in a way I've never experienced. It's amazing!
     So...what I can share are these pictures.

    New triple bunkbeds.  Pav designed and built these beds over the past couple of weeks.  The room isn't finished as far as decorating, but I wanted to share this recent project.  The kids are loving their new space.  The toy boxes are on casters and can roll out for easy cleanup.  One has the toys and the other is dress up.  One giant toy box has been a save at our house.  I  used to have everything divided, such as kitchen stuff, action figures, etc.  It just never stayed organized, and well, I was the only who cared.  So now its all together and the room is staying much more clean.  Yeah!

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Lauren Baugus said...

The bed looks amazing...maybe we should bring you and Pav to Florida to build one for our girls! In other news, I can't wait to hear more about your foster care and adoption process. That is amazing, and I am so happy and proud of/for you!