Monday, April 16, 2012

Homemade Soft Pretzels

      First try at homemade soft pretzels.  I pinned a recipe for soft pretzels after returning from Oregon this winter.  While in Portland we had an evening out at Hopworks Urban Brewery, and had their amazing soft pretzels and dipping sauce.  I've gotten the craving several times since then, but the recipe just seemed too involved.  I was surprised to finally try it, and see that it could be done.  They aren't pretty, but my family loved them.  We dipped ours in honey mustard.
     If you are interested in trying to make some of your own.  Here is the recipe.  With the pretzel recipe is also a recipe for queso dip, which sounds fantastic, but I haven't tried.
     I found a video on Youtube that showed me how to twist the dough into a pretzel shape.  That technique will take a little more practice, I might just make sticks in the future.  Enjoy!

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AIMA said...

Looks so good!