Thursday, May 31, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

      We spent Memorial Day Weekend doing our usual.  I got a voice mail from my brother saying "you guys are probably at the lake", he knows us so well.  It's just so close, and beautiful, and a great way to get some energy out of these kids.   We found a great spot away from the crowd for the kids to explore and splash.  Again I couldn't find any pictures of Ever Joy.  She takes her kayak so far out on the water that I can't get a good shot from the shore.  Zoe even tried her hand at the kayak and for two years old she has pretty good form.

     I  thought I would add this shot Pav took of Ever Joy.  He took her out for dinner and dancing on Tuesday evening.  Ever called me twice while they were out because she was so excited to tell me all the details. 


Lauren said...

So incredibly sweet! (And I love hearing about Ever Joy growing up!) Thanks for sharing.

Laura said...

oh my GOSH. dinner and dancing. so sweet.

Emily said...

Hi Kate,

You were one of the winners of the Alphabet Glue contest on my blog, Red Bird Crafts. To claim your prize, send me an email! Congratulations! Emily