Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Picnic Table

     With the two new additions to our family lunch time got a little crowded at my kitchen bartop.  I bought two more barstools awhile back but it leaves little elbow for all five kids to eat.  I asked Pav if we could please get an outdoor table for the kids to sit at during the day.  I looked at Lowe's picnic tables which only cost around $80, but they are made out of pressure treated wood and we didn't want the kids eating off of that kind of surface.  We also noticed that they were somewhat warping.  Pav took time out of his relaxing weekend and built us this picnic table.  He made it out of Douglas Fir wood and took extra care to sand and paint it.  I think it turned out beautiful, I kind of don't want the kids to eat at it.  
     Now I need to find a place to put it, I'm thinking the back porch.  We need to get it off of our lawn so we can reseed it.   With digging up our septic system this summer and the kids using the Slip-N-Slide so much on these hot days our yard looks awful.   


Lauren said...

It's beautiful! Pav is SO talented. We miss you guys!

sara said...

Seriously...I think I know why Pav and Roy were so close! Andy says some guys play video games - he builds things. And, I guess we benefit :) Awesome table.

Marilyn said...

I love seeing your pictures and hearing what is happening in your lives. We did see Sawyer's picture on the front page, he is so cute, but then all of your children are. The table Pav built is really beautiful. He does such fine work. Thank you for taking the time to share with all of us!