Thursday, August 16, 2012


     Now days...I get to hang out with this munchkin, all by her lonesome.   We are trying to find some kind of routine on these quiet school days.  Though I love our one on one time, and I've been able to get the laundry done, it's a little strange not having the kids here. 
     The decision to go the route of public school this year was partially made for us.  Our two foster kids, by law, must attend public school.  The reason for sending Ever Joy and Sawyer was for unity within our family.  Pav and I did not feel right about me homeschooling two of the kids and sending the other two to school.  I can't say it was an easy decision.  I have solid reasons that I homeschool, and I still believe in them, but after much prayer and discussion I feel confident about our decision.  This doesn't mean that I won't homeschool in the future, but for now I know that this is what the Lord has for our family.
     This situation will give me the  opportunity to see things from both sides of the fence.  What I mean is I will know first hand what public school is all about.  I can talk with other moms (who mostly homeschool), I can watch documentaries (that put public school in a bad light), and I can form my own opinions based on some kid I met on the playground, but now I will know first hand.  I might have to reevaluate my thoughts and opinions, or maybe not.  But I think I've been judgmental about things that I don't know anything about.  I appreciate that the Lord gives us situations to humble us...

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