Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Castle Party

 In the past two weeks we not only celebrated my father's 60th birthday, but we also had a party for both of the girls.  Ever Joy turned eight and Zoe turned four.
 The girls really wanted a princess themed party, but with three brothers they agreed to call it a castle party and wear their princess attire.  Their brothers also got the chance to wear their costumes (knight, horse, and dragon)

Of course, we had a huge medieval feast with almost all the trimmings (no roasted pig).  We roasted a pork tenderloin...does that count? 

 Our castle party included archery, jousting (with striped pool noodles), and a fun game called Pass the Parcel.  This year was the first I had heard of it, and we loved it!  Pinatas can get a bit crazy, and with all the cake and ice cream, handfuls of candy just didn't seem in order.  Pass the Parcel is a game from England where you simply pass around a wrapped package while the music is playing.  When the music stops the person holding the package unwraps it.  The things is its wrapped a lot of times.  I wrapped ours eighteen times...I tucked stickers between the layers just to keep it fun.  The kids seemed to really enjoy it, and it gave my mom and I time to get the food on the table... 

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hey do you guys know a good campground in the Tennessee mtns? maybe with a cabin? we had a baby girl last friday-Nestah