Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Random Stuff

Hello from North Carolina. Well, I think this is a picture of North Carolina, there might be a little of Georgia in the background.
Ever Joy and her cousin Eadie on Thanksgiving day. We tried taking pictures of all three kids (Ever, Eadie and Sawyer) but Sawyer was in no mood. This is Ever's new playhouse in our front yard. It still needs a bit more work, but she is already enjoying her new slide.

Yes, we let Ever dress up for Halloween. It's a good way to add to her dad's candy stash. She was a princess/fairy/anything in her dress up box.

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Lauren Baugus said...

I can't believe she is so big!!! Have I really been gone that long? And her hair is long too! :) She is cute in her Halloween costume!