Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Florida Trip

On the 3rd of December Pav and I took the kids and met my parents down in Florida. It was our first long trip with both kids. Now I know why people own dvd players for the car! Anyways, we had a great time. Ever Joy loved the beach. Her first time seeing the ocean she jumped in with all her clothes. Sawyer even got his feet wet.

From our condo we saw manatee and dolphins swim by. The manatee weren't that easy to spot, but the dolphin were so exciting to see.

One day we were able to take Ever to the zoo. Pav's not sure who had more fun, her or her mother. They had a petting zoo area, jackass penguins (Lauren & Jeffrey we thought of you :)), a baby elephant, and a baby chimpanzee.

Another day my parents friends took us to Busch Gardens. It was the slowest day of the year, so a perfect time to go. Pav really enjoys roller coasters and there weren't any long lines to get on. Ever apparently enjoys rides too. After taking her on a big kid ride (Pav carried her and they didn't check her height) she told us that the little kid rides were too slow.

Before leaving Florida we were able to visit some friends, Josh and Theresa Coblentz with their little girl Lillian. We went to a karaoke place where Ever showed us her moves.

The whole trip was a really relaxing time, and we made some really great memories.


Lauren Baugus said...

Y'all look like you had entirely too much fun! Aren't the jackass penguins cute? If you ever get to come see us in Florida, trips to petting zoos will make you think of us even more...I don't know if I've told you, but we have a small herd of goats at my parents' house -- seven of them (Lucy, Ethel, Betty, Wilma, Laverne, Shirley, and Jeannie)! The picture of Ever with the goat reminded me of that! :)

K.E.N. said...

i just found out a couple weeks ago that theresa and josh had a little girl. i was in sarasota for christmas/new years, but just talked on the phone with theresa.
it looked like y'all had fun.