Saturday, January 19, 2008

Christmas Time

We stayed home for Christmas this year. This was a first for us, usually, we travel or go to my parents house. For breakfast, I attempted to make cinnamon rolls again. I think this was the sixth time i've managed to destroy a holiday favorite. I will say they do get better everytime.

Pav built Ever a wooden kitchen. You can also see our homemade Christmas tree in the background. It was hard to get a good picture because it's so thin. Pav made it out of cut laurel branches laying in the woods behind our house. It was probably nine foot tall and looked beautiful at night with white lights all over.

Pav's sister Staci came to visit us this Christmas. Last year she flew to Thailand on Christmas day. She came back to the states for this Christmas and to renew her visa, then flew back to Thailand Jan. 6th. While she was here we had a great time. She brought us lots of cool stuff from Thailand including the skirt Ever is wearing in the picture and those boxing trunks on Sawyer. Sawyer looks all Templeton in this picture!

For Christmas dinner my parents came over along with a few friends/neighbors. It was a very relaxing Christmas!

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