Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Snow Day

Monday, Frebruary 25th Murphy, NC. Seventy degrees outside. Short sleeves playing at the park... Wednesday, February 27th Murphy, NC. Three inches of snow, icicles hanging from the eaves. The weather has been crazy here in North Carolina. It's suppose to be back up in the 60's this weekend.

I took Ever and Sawyer to their friends house to play in the snow. Ever went sledding for the first time, but soon the kids were cold and wanted to go inside by the fire. None of my pictures turned out, sorry...
I found a set of plastic tools at a thrift store and Ever has been playing mechanic on her bike. Here she is turning her tricycle into a chopper.

Ever loves her monkey backpack. She was on the way to spend the day with her grandma Mann. Pav and I went with our friends over to Chattanooga for the day. It was the first time I left Sawyer and Ever with my mom. They did great! You will have to ask my mom how she did :)
Growing up!
We finally bought a rug for our house. Sawyer is loving it. Maybe now he will learn to crawl. He has still been scooting around the house on his bum.

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