Monday, November 3, 2008

Has it been since April already?

I'm not going to be posting anymore pics on this site. It just takes too long, and I don't have time to sit at this computer. I do have a Facebook account though (Kate Templeton) and I will post pics there.

I will write some on this blog though.

Well, it's November already and we have a fire in the woodstove. The leaves are falling and soon Pav and I will get an itching to travel. No plans as of yet. Tickets are too expensive and houses still aren't selling.

No complaints though. Pav has work that he is enjoying. Today he is installing a concrete countertop that him and Josh Crayton made for Josh's spec.

I'm taking a couple of classes at the community college for fun. A literature class and a film class.

We love our church and our small group. Right now we are studying the book of Titus at church and our small group is going through the Truth Project.

This kids are growing. Sawyer is 16 months and running around. Ever Joy is going on 3 1/2 and keeping us entertained with tea parties, plays and wild stories. We took them trick or treating last Friday. Ever was goldy locks and Sawyer was the three bears. He had a bear costume with two stuffed bears sewn onto the shoulders.

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Lauren Baugus said...

Sounds like a ball! Maddie was a flower...I'll try to find you on Facebook.