Monday, August 23, 2010

One Drawer At A Time

Recently, on my sister in law's blog ( she talked about cleaning out a drawer each day. I thought I would give this a try and start with the worst drawer in my house. The dreaded "junk drawer". As seen above it's bad...really bad!

This drawer is supposed to be my "office". I want to keep the phone book, pens and paper, bills, calendar and other officey type stuff in it.

The first thing I did was take everything out of the drawer and vacuum the inside of the drawer. Then I started sorting all the junk. This drawer contained everything from kid drawings, to bills, to fingernail clippers. Lots of the stuff had a home somewhere else.

After I removed all of the things that belonged somewhere else I decided that I need to find some containers to hold pens, thumbtacks and paperclips. I am feeling really cheap lately so I wasn't going to buy cute pen holders and stuff.
I've had this old drawer for a long time and it works great to hold pens and pencils. It is the perfect depth for the drawer.
I also used small jelly jars and these two ceramic trays that I got from Pampered Chef years ago. I think they are for serving olives, but I've never used them. They worked perfect for paperclips.
Here is the final product. Does it look better?
I'm already trying to decide what drawer to clean tomorrow.

Thanks for the idea, Ang.

If you want more cool ideas for ways to organize your home check out Organized Chaos, the link is at the bottom of my blog.

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