Monday, October 11, 2010

My Sweet Girl

This weekend my family came down with a stomach bug. It hit Pav, Zoe and I within a couple hours of each other and left Ever and Sawyer to fend for themselves.

Ever Joy was such a help. She answered the phone. She got her and Sawyer something to eat and drink. (I think they survived on crackers and yogurt) She was a little nurse asking us if we needed anything and how we were feeling.

About the kids bedtime on Saturday, Sawyer came down with the bug also. In the end only Ever Joy stayed healthy.I was delighted to see her desire to serve and the compassion she showed us. She is truly a blessing to our family!


You can call me B.... said...

How sweet! When Izzy was just a baby all 4 of us came down with a horrible stomach bug. It hit Jason & Cooper first. Then Izzy. By the time Jason was starting to get a bit better it finally took me down too. It lasted a week & was the most awful awful thing! Glad you guys are all well now!

Lauren Baugus said...

Ever Joy is such a wonderful little girl! :)