Monday, November 8, 2010

Catch Up

We have had a busy couple of weeks. So today I'm going to play catch up with recent events going on with us Templetons.

Last weekend we took the kids downtown to go trick or treating. My mom graciously sewed Ever Joy's flower fairy costume when I realized it was a pattern out of my league. Fortunately, I found Sawyer a dinosaur costume at a thrift store and didn't have to make it.

A neighborhood downtown closes the street and allows the kids to get treats without worry of busy traffic. We have spent the last few Halloweens taking advantage of this neighborhoods chocolate. I heard a home owner say that they spend $500 on candy each year. I didn't know that many kids lived in Murphy!While my mom was sewing Ever Joy's costume, Ever noticed that the girl on the cover of the patterns was wearing lipstick. She insisted that for her costume to be complete she needed red lipstick. Her skin is so pale she looked like a little geisha.
We were surprised Sawyer wore his costume at all. He told us that he was going to carry it by the neck.

After trick or treating Saturday night Pav's brother, Tony, came over from Bryson City on Sunday for a visit. We missed seeing his whole family, but we enjoyed our time with him. We all drove over to Chattanooga, TN to see the Nina and Pinta replicas while he was with us.

Our kids are still too young for it to have been too educational of a trip, but we all enjoyed getting to walk around on board the ships. It was amazing how small they were. According to the tour guide the ships were about 85 feet long. The crew would have consisted of close to 30 people, and they would have had livestock on board...It would have been so cramped. These two ships are some of the only replicas in the world, so it was a treat that they were docked so close to where we live.

After our tour we spent some time playing in the park by the docks and enjoyed some ice cream at Ben and Jerry's. Good times!

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