Saturday, July 23, 2011

Happy Birthday To Me

Yesterday  was Zoe's 2nd birthday.  We have been going to Vacation Bible School all week so we took trays of cupcakes to share with the other kids.  I also made this caterpillar that I saw a picture of on Pinterest.  Besides making six different colors of cake batter, this was a super easy cake idea.  Next to the caterpillar I had three trays of mini cupcakes all different colors.  They were cute without icing, which helped things go quicker and were less mess at VBS.  
Zoe spent the day singing "Happy Birthday to Me", it sounded more like "happy me, happy me".  When Pav got home from work we took our catamaran out on the lake.  It was the first time we have taken our kids on the boat.  There wasn't a lot of wind which made it a very relaxing sail.  With the kids being small there was plenty of room for us and a picnic.  Wearing pfd's the kids were able to swim around out in the middle of the lake.  They kept swimming between the two hulls and pretending they were sharks.  My pictures aren't very good quality because I won't take my nice camera out on the water, but I did get a few cheese poses

This week Ever Joy will turn six on Wednesday.  She is taking classes at Tri County Community College this next week.  No she isn't a child prodigy...she is taking a kids mini art and crafts course.  She will be taking clogging, felting, painting, sewing, and kids in the kitchen.  I'm a little nervous about leaving her on a big campus for the morning, but I think it will be good for the both of us.  She has a couple of friends taking classes too, and she is such an outgoing kid that she won't have a problem making new friends.

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