Thursday, July 28, 2011

Ever Joy's Birthday

     Yesterday, was Ever Joy's 6th birthday.  She asked for a cake with fruit on top.  I asked her if we could do something a little different than cake.  With Zoe's birthday last week and Sawyer and Pav's birthdays not so long ago it just seems like we have been eating cake for weeks.  Instead we made a rice crispy cake.  I layered two round cakes on top of each other and spread chocolate between the two layers.  It turned out really cute! 
     We had a barbecue here at home and watched some home video of Ever Joy as a newborn.  She didn't have an easy start so there is a lot of video in the hospital during her first week of life.  It is always a little sad to watch, but a good reminder of God's goodness, loving kindness, and that these kids that I get to take care of belong to Him. 
     Pav commented on how much life has changed in the past six years.  It was much more simple back in the days we lived in a travel trailer with one little baby.  We laughed at how much Ever's giggle is the same now as when she was six months old, and how all the toys in our home fit into one shoe box.  I wouldn't trade simplicity for what we have now.  Life is definitely more challenging, chaotic at times, and louder; but there are lots more giggles, and funny stories, and hugs, and love.


Laura said...

she looks soooo beautiful:).

Anonymous said...

Hhumm I´d like the instructions... :)

Kate Templeton said...

Thanks for your interest.
I don't remember the exact measurements for the Rice Krispies, but I'm pretty sure I used at least 12 cups. I used two round cake pans for the forms, make sure you butter the sides really well so that the cakes will slip out easily. (On a side note I've started using Coconut oil instead of butter and it gives the treats a really subtle coconut flavor.) The two cakes will stick together, but for extra flavor I melted a little chocolate between the two. Decorate as you wish!