Friday, August 19, 2011

So It Begins

Well, we have finished our first week of a new school year at the Templeton house.  The week started out a little rough, but we made it.  This may not have been the best week to start with our home study taking place and all, but as our Friday comes to a close everyone is looking forward to more school time next week.

Now before I go on I should probably make a note that Pav and I had a home study done because we are taking steps toward adoption.  I haven't blogged about our journey for many reasons, but I will say that we had a great home visit, it was painless.

Anyways, it was a busy week with that and starting school.  We used this week to figure out a routine and schedule.  We don't start Classical Conversation until after labor day, but I still wanted to get a head start on our other curriculum.  I am using Saxon Phonics with both Ever Joy and Sawyer.  Ever also has a time of reading and doing her copybook.  We will start CC and then I want to gradually incorporate Math and Storytime Treasures by Memoria Press.  Ever Joy needs most of my attention, but Sawyer and Zoe both want to be part of what we're doing.  They use the time to draw, color, work on puzzles.  It's a little bit of a juggle...

I made the patchwork map to use for Classical Conversations.  We are learning about US geography this year.  I made it out of scrapbook paper.  A few states are a little stretched and poor Maryland got the bad end of the deal, but from far away you can tell it's the United States. 


susansspace said...

You guys amaze me! Sign me up for those Classical Conversations, because your post has left me speechless! S: )

Lauren Baugus said...

I'm really impressed with your US map! I thought you were going to say that you found it on a website somewhere. Great job!

kate templeton said...

Susan, I will have to get you a Classical Conversations CD so you can hear all the songs we are learning. I know dates to all kinds of things in history, but only if I sing it :)

Lauren, Thanks! It was fun to make. I kind of don't want Ever Joy to write on it :)