Friday, September 30, 2011

Learning To Ride

 We live on a gravel road.  So bike and scooter riding doesn't happen often.  Training wheels on gravel...

Honestly, teaching the kids to ride has not been high on my to do list.  Ever Joy's scooter stayed in the back of my mini van all summer.  It was easy to pull out whenever we were in town.  So we let her ride that all summer and I didn't bother introducing a bike. 

Recently, I found a little pink two wheeler at a thrift store.  I thought I could pull the pedals off and use it for a balance bike. 
Instead we left them on and decided to let her have a try with the pedals.  It literally took her about two tries before she took off riding on her own.  We think all the scooter practice this summer helped her learn balance.  Now we are working on teaching her how to use the brakes.

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