Sunday, September 4, 2011

We Love Lucy

 First, here is a picture of our new puppy, Lucy.  We got her this weekend, free to a good home.  She is a six month old Cocker Spaniel.  A house trained, crate trained, calm puppy...what more could you ask for?  The kids are having a blast.  Ever Joy has taken over as dog walker, feeder, and trainer.  We already notice Lucy following her around the house.  Sawyer said he would rather have a little brother, but he is enjoying giving her treats and running around with her.  Zoe is definitely over the top excited.  She had a very  hard time going to bed on Lucy's first night here.  She kept sneaking out of her room, whispering "puppy, puppy". 
 This picture Zoe is in timeout for giving Lucy too much love ( squeezing her face).
 Lucy waited for her to get out so she could receive more love pats.

This week our family starts Classical Conversations.  I think I'm ready.  Ever Joy is excited to get together with the other kids.  This last week went really smooth with our morning routine, so I feel prepared to add some more to our load.  I keep feeling like I should have more supplemental material such as reading or videos, but I have to remind myself that Ever is six and Sawyer is four.  Our morning will be full with what I have planned and the kids need time for afternoon adventures, playing, and exploring.  I also want to leave room for learning about things that interest them.  For instance, we just finished researching how to make lollipops.  My kids were very curious about this process.  I've noticed that for the last several weeks I've been interrogated about where food comes from.  Every food.  Answering this for eggs, cheese, milk, apples and squash is easy.  Artificial flavors and food coloring is a little bit more difficult.  Jamie Oliver did a great job explaining this stuff on Food Revolution, but while his British foul mouth is fine with me it's not exactly appropriate for my little ones. 

Anyways, have a happy week!

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susansspace said...

Cocker Spaniels are the best kind of dogs for children, & she's such a beautiful color!
Tell Zoe to give her a few 'love taps' for me, too! S: )
(As always, wonderful photo captures!!)