Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Classical Conversations Trivia

Here are a couple more sites that are helping me this week with Classical Conversations.  The first is this printable with a diagram for the digestive system.  It is a much more detailed worksheet than I need, but Ever Joy was able to color in the parts that we are learning and can use it the rest of the week for reference.
This website lets Ever Joy label a United States map with the name of each state.
The other thing we are going to try this week involves this old recipe box.  A tutor/friend in CC this year suggested writing each weeks memory work on recipe cards that are easy to grab and read before a meal or whenever.  By the end of the year we will have six categories with twenty four questions in each.  My plan is to use our Trivial Pursuit board game with our memory work substituted for the trivia questions.   That way our whole family can play a game together, one where the kids will probably beat us.

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HipHome said...

Hi there! I stumbled on your blog from Consider Lilies. And you know what? Small world~ my husband and I went to Bible College with Pav!
Can you tell him we said hello? Mike and Megan Smith (Wilson).
We live in Lexington now. I see you guys are "outdoorsy" types. We are near Red River Gorge and have a whole community of climbing friends. If you guys are ever up this way, let us know! We'll hook you all up!