Friday, October 14, 2011

Fall Crafts

Everyday Ever Joy asks me if we can paint.  I hate that every time I hear the word paint, or playdough for that matter my insides cringe.  I'm just one of those weird moms of small kids who cannot handle messy crafts.  The thought of paint being tracked across my wood floor or that they will mix the playdough colors together, making a big lump of brown makes me ill.  This is strange, right?  I should have gotten over it by my third child.  I'm a work in progress...

So today when Ever said "can we paint?"  I swallowed hard and said "yes, let's do it."  We didn't just paint,  we got our hands all the way up to our elbows in the paint.  Can you tell it's a tree?  Maybe a turkey?  Either way, no paint on the floor, or their hair.  I survived.

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