Thursday, November 17, 2011

Kid Bowling

     We took the kids bowling for their first time.  We have bowled with them on the Wii, but Ever Joy soon learned that though she may be really good with a video game the real thing is a bit more difficult. 
     Sawyer was a little put off by the shoes.  He is quite keen on style for a four year old and well, velcro bowling shoes were not cool until he found out how slippery they were.  Then while he waited for his turn he skated around the alley.

      One game took awhile and the kids were tired by the time they finished.  After Sawyer would roll his ball there was about a fifteen minute wait before it got to the pins...
      I don't see us rushing back anytime soon, but bowling was a good way to spend a rainy afternoon with the munchkins.

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