Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sink Hole

Owl Creek Happened to our road.  Actually it has been slowly happening for awhile but we just saw what it was capable of this weekend.  The Creek has been finding it's way around a culvert under the road for sometime.  This caused the dirt to slowly wash away from under the road bed.  We came home last week to find a large sink hole in the road.  The hole didn't look big at first, but it ended up extending all the way across the roadway.  Only about a foot of road bed was covering a four foot deep hole.  Fortunately, no one drove into the hole.  Pav and a good friend spent the weekend rebuilding the road.  Good as new.  We could have left if we really needed to, but with the road dug up it was a good excuse to stay home, and pretend we were trapped.  It was also a good time to start potty training Zoe.  You would think by my third child I would know what I am doing, but wow!  I'm at a loss with this kid...

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