Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Events

Here are a few pictures from Easter Sunday.  I think Sawyer's face says it all..."another picture?"

Yes, I took fifty pictures and these are the best.  It was so much easier when there were only two kiddos.  Three kids?  Well, someone always has their eyes closed, is looking away, picking their nose, etc.
Here Sawyer is praying I will not take anymore.

So, after church we ate lunch and went to the lake.
 This weekend we found a great spot to paddle our canoe to, and set up a day camp.  We brought our fishing poles and bucket of worms.

 Ever Joy caught a bass, which was released after everyone had their turn touching his him.
 Sawyer learned to cast his line, which he practiced over and over, and over and over.  It was his favorite part about fishing.  He did manage to catch one little fish, but only because he put his pole down long enough to play with the bucket of worms.

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