Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Easter Egg Hunt

     This past Sunday a couple at our church (Christ Community Church of Andrews, NC) hosted an Easter Egg Hunt at their home.  The youth group prepared the hunt for all the kids.  They also took charge of helping the kids collect the eggs/candy and set up extra games and even horse rides for the kids.   We had a potluck afterwards and all left with great memories and completely worn out.  Today my mom called to say that Zoe had made the front page of our local newspaper.
     Scott Wallace who takes pictures for the Cherokee Scout and also goes to our church took the picture while at the hunt.  I'm glad he did because I never pulled out my camera.


Laura said...

is this like the tenth time you've been in the paper? sheesh!

zoe looks so big. miss her:(.

kate templeton said...

it pays to have a friend who works for the paper...