Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

  I'm almost finished with making the 150 Valentine's my kids need.  Seventy-five for the parties today and another 75 for tomorrow's party...
I can thank Pinterest for all the great Valentine ideas, but it is also the reason I didn't just go to Walmart and purchase some.

We have never been much for celebrating hearts day, but with kids, it's just too fun not to.
Our main event was the recent Sweetheart Ball at the kids school.  Andrew was crowned the sweetheart prince of his first grade class.  I would love to have taken pictures of the kids dance moves, but it was too dark for my camera. 

These pictures were taken when we got home, unfortunately I have no pictures of my husband who was also wearing a suit.  All my guys looked good, it was hard to pick which one to dance with.

As far as what a couple with five children under seven do on Valentine's Day.  We have a tradition of getting the kids to bed and cooking dinner together.  An event that doesn't sound too exciting, but one that takes us back to the pre kid days.  Some friends of ours graciously offered to watch our kiddos tomorrow evening, so don't worry I will still get taken out.


Staci said...

They are all too cute! Love it. Looking so smart all dressed up.

Lauren said...

We put the kids to bed and made homemade fondue. Hey, we didn't have to pay for a babysitter! :)