Wednesday, February 20, 2013

What School Looks Like

Now that our adoption is finalized we have the option to home school all the kids.  After much thought, prayer and advice we have decided to have the older kids finish out the school year.  No need for another disruption. 
For now, I am only home schooling Sawyer and loving it.  We usually do his school work first thing in the morning so he can go play.  He has been very different than Ever Joy was in Kindergarten.  She always enjoyed crafts and art.  Sawyer comes to me everyday with something he wants to learn about. They are usually stereotypically boy things like sharks, frogs, lizards, and bats. 
He also enjoys puzzles and brain teasers.  This picture was taken the first time he tried out an optical illusion.  I tried explaining to him if he let his eyes relax he would see a 3D shape pop out of the picture.  We were both laughing too hard to ever get it to work.
Zoe also enjoys that her brother is home with her and she has someone to play with.  Recently, I took the kids to see the play Alice in Wonderland over in Franklin, NC.  Zoe is old enough now to sit in her own seat.  She was a little intimidated when the characters came off the stage, but was willing to get her picture taken with Alice.  She kept saying "why is she so big?"  "she's suppose to be little".

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