Sunday, May 29, 2011

Lake Days

 Yesterday evening Pav took a break from working on his shop (which I will post pictures of soon) and took us for a paddle on Hiwassee Lake.  We put folding chairs in our canoe for the kids to sit on.  So far, all five of us fit and we haven't tipped over.
 We found a great spot to stop and have a picnic.  We don't have much room for a cooler so we keep it simple.  I'm always amazed that the most exciting part for the kids is what is in the picnic basket. The other fun for them is spotting trash floating in the lake and imagining that it is treasure.  No treasure as of yet, but we did spot an empty cooler, three Mtn. Dew bottles and a toilet...
Last year when we took our canoe out Zoe cried every time the boat rocked.  This year she is enjoying using the paddle and sticking her hands in the water.  Pav had to keep tight hold of her so she didn't flip out.

On a side note.  While I have been writing this post Zoe found a chocolate bar that Pav was snacking on last night and left by the couch in our loft.  She didn't eat too much though.  It was a Lindt chile pepper chocolate bar and I think it may deter her from eating chocolate she finds lying around.

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