Monday, August 15, 2011


 For Ever's birthday we got her a Wave Youth Kayak.  She got the choice between blue or hot pink.  As you can  see she chose pink.  She is hard to miss out on the lake.
 She asks to go paddling everyday, which puts the biggest smile on Pav's face.  Yesterday, we went to Cherokee lake for the afternoon.  Pav and I took our canoe with the two younger kids, and Ever Joy paddled on her own.  She caught on quick and is really confident, we kept having to tell her to wait for us or come closer to our boat. 
 We pulled the boats along the shore, had a picnic at the picnic tables, and watched the fishermen.  If you live in the area I would definitely recommend an afternoon at Cherokee lake.  I would also recommend this little kayak.  It's a great way to get your kids started.

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susansspace said...

Awesome! What fun that must be!! Everjoy looks so confident!