Saturday, March 31, 2012

Spring Chicks

      Last weekend we got six baby chicks from a seed and feed store in Blue Ridge, Georgia.  I don't know what breeds they are but we have two red ones, two yellow, and two black.  They are all suppose to be female, so we are hoping to have laying hens.  Sawyer is insisting that a couple of them are male, so he calls them "buddy".  He will not be convinced until he sees an egg...
     I have been surprised how enjoyable they are to have around.  Besides the fact that they poop incredible amounts for such a small creature, they are fun to watch.  For now we are keeping them in a large rubbermaid, and bringing them in at night, or while we are gone during the day.  At night they all pile up together like puppies to keep warm.  They are kinda cute, for chickens.
Pav started building their coop/chicken tractor this afternoon.  I'll post a picture when it's finished. 


Lauren Baugus said...

My parents have chickens, and my dad built a coop for them. He started with a chicken tractor, but it gross really quickly. They wanted all females, too, but, apparently, it's difficult to tell the gender of a chick. They had several tries until they got eggs from all three hens; lots of trips back and forth to the store!

kate templeton said...

Yea, Pav is building something that will stay somewhat clean. Plus I do not want chickens walking around our yard. We are going to keep them down where our fire pit is.

We will have to wait and see if they are female, the store said they were but...I think if we get three or four females out of our six, I will be happy. It's definitely more for the experience than the eggs. :)