Saturday, July 28, 2012

Ever Joy - 7

      Yesterday, Ever Joy Alise turned seven years old.  If you have kids then you understand how crazy this is.  She is seven?  Already?  I was looking at pictures from her last birthday or even just from this past Christmas and can see  such change.  She looks so much like me...
     This year we got her a new bike.  We hid it in our bathroom upstairs.  Ever Joy is almost always the first kid up in the morning and she always comes straight to our room.  Pav and I were excited to see her face when she saw the bike so we asked her if she needed to go to the bathroom.  She said no.  Then I asked her if she would get me my glasses that were in the bathroom.  She ran in and straight back out without noticing the bike.  Next I asked her if she could get me a tissue.  This time we saw her notice the bike and get very wide eyed, but she casually came back out with my tissue and didn't say anything.  By this time Pav and I were cracking up laughing.  The poor kid thought we didn't mean for her to see it, and didn't want to mess up the surprise.
     Pav took the day off of work and we took all five kids fishing.  Pav spent most of his time untangling fishing lure, but we did manage to catch five fish for our supper.
     Ever Joy didn't ask for any particular kind of cake this year.  I saw an adorable toadstool cake on Pinterest, and tried to recreate it.  The directions I found said to bake the cake in two different size bowls.  I used my Pampered Chef Batter Bowls, and they came out perfect for this cake project.  Pav gets all the credit for decorating.  I would have just kept it a plain toadstool, but he went for toadstool fairy house.  Ever Joy loved it!


sara said...

sweet girl!
"seven" snuck up on us too...i always told miles he could watch star wars when he turned 7...which was here before we knew it!

ALSO, i have a bracelet with "serve" on it for you :) email me your address at, and i'll drop it in the mail.

Mark and Kimmy said...

Hi Kate!
What a fun cake. You have a beautiful family!
Thanks for saying hello on our blog.

Lauren said...

What a great cake! And I can't believe how big Ever Joy they grow!

kate templeton said...

Thank you Kimmy and Lauren!