Friday, April 26, 2013


 I have been spring cleaning and decorating...So I decided to brighten up my blog too with a bright white background...still working on my banner.
I did finish this one though. 
 I put it in the kids bathroom.
 Pav built a new towel rack to hold all five towels, and I got each of the kids their own color towel.  This makes it much easier.  Or maybe you wash your towels every day???  My mom did when I was a kid.  We only used a towel once.  I just figure kids use them when they are clean, so why an extra load of laundry each day.


Lauren said...

I'm with you, Kate...towels are theoretically the cleanest thing in the house! :) I do towels once a week. (I love the colors, by the way!)

Laura said...

That is so wild about your mom....what luxury:). Maybe one day.....